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 Sculptures by Magnus Agustsson.

Paintings and Photography by Diane Agustsson, Julie Urtz, Robert O’Neill,James Zatlukal, George Peterson, Agusta Agustsson


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August 4, 2012

1st Saturday Art Reception

On display at the Agustsson Galley in Kingston. Sculptures by Magnus Agustsson.
These and many more local artist’s creations are on display. Paintings and Photography by Diane Agustsson, Julie Urtz, Robert O’Neill,
James Zatlukal, George Peterson, Agusta Agustsson, . 1st Saturday Art Reception
August 4, 2012
4pm – 8pm


Our beautiful Sculpture Gardens are open.

Artist’s Statement and Resume

Magnus Agustsson is the son of the prominent Icelandic artist Agust Larusson, whose frescoes still adorn the Opera House, churches, and other buildings in Iceland. Agust was quick to encourage young Magnus in his fervent attraction to sculpture. “In fact,” Magnus remembers, “my first sculpture was of Leif Eiriksson, and my father would regularly check on me and praise me for my progress.”

Magnus chose medicine as a career and America as his home. He received his medical degree in Iceland and took fellowships at the Mayo Clinic in Pediatrics, Physiology and Pediatric Cardiology.

Doctor Agustsson practiced Pediatric Cardiology and held numerous professorships in Chicago and Lansing, where he initiated and was Director of the Pediatric Cardiology Department for the Swedish American Hospital. He was also a professor at the University of Illinois for seventeen years. He retired from Pediatric Cardiology in 1989, and became Medical Director of the Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital in Bath, New York.

Magnus never abandoned his artistic interests. During his busy medical career he studied sculpture for seven years at Rockford College. Ever curious, he explored different media, producing works in marble and other stones, bronze, clay and wood, while experimenting in form from realism to abstract expression.

His love of classical Icelandic literature led him to be a voracious reader and to explore his Viking heritage. He looked to his ancestry to find profound inspiration. Dr. Agustsson produced the Viking Series sculptures of classical Icelandic persona, and a series of horse sculptures inspired by his love and experiences with the unique Icelandic horse. This awakened an affinity for other animals whose spirits are manifest in his works of lions, whales, and polar bears.

Dr. Agustsson’s spiritual yet disciplined method received much acclaim. His work follows a creative, intuitive energy from one piece to the next, producing a continuity that a logically linear approach could not achieve. His sculptures are thematically varied, yet each piece integrates the essence of the subject with the perceptions of the artist. The creative process is truly meditative for Dr. Agustsson, and its manifestations are shared and appreciated by many.

Dr Agustsson is increasingly engaged in the arts and in his exploration of the form and content of sculpture. Dr. Agustsson and associates have a fine art gallery in Kingston, NY, in the Hudson Valley.

• The Icelandic Embassy, Washington, DC, May – June, 2000.
• Kroch Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY August – October, 2000.
• The National Library of Iceland, Reykjavik, March – April, 2000.
• Curtiss Museum, Hammondsport, NY, May, 1999.

• Kroch Library, Cornell University, has two sculptures in their permanent collection, which houses the third largest collection of Icelandic literature in the world. The sculptures Gudrid, The Traveler and Snorri Sturluson are part of Dr. Agustsson’s Viking Series inspired by the Icelandic Sagas.

• Landsbokasafn, The National Library of Iceland, has in their permanent art collection Egil, a work in marble from the Viking Series which depicts Egil Skallagrimsson from the Icelandic Sagas.

• Elmira Regional Art Society Annual Award
o 2003 Honorable Mention
o 2002 Best in Show
o 2001 Honorable Mention
o 2000 Best In Show
o 1999 Best in Show

• Keuka Lake Arts Festival
o 2002 Honorable Mention
o 2000 Best in Show
o 1999 Honorable Mention

  • 176 Broadway
    Kingston, NY 12401
  • (845) 943-1632

Agustsson Gallery

 Sculptures by Magnus Agustsson.
Paintings and Photography by Diane Agustsson, Julie Urtz, Robert O’Neill,James Zatlukal, George Peterson, Agusta Agustsson


  • 176 Broadway
    Kingston, NY 12401
  • (845) 943-1632



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