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Liberty Public House: Great Eats, Great Ambiance,Great Hospitality   

A Renaissance Tavern brimming with fascinating memorabilia set in the historic 1860 Starr Institute located in the center of Rhinebeck.  Serving heathy, mouth watering American meals prepared with local, farm raised products paired with East Coast and Old World beers and wines and spirits. Lively atmosphere featuring 4 distinct venues, an old fashioned pub, the must see flag room, the sultry liberty lounge with dance parties, live music and sports mega screen, and the festive Hudson river boat house.

Liberty Public House restaurant occupies a fetching space in the historic Starr Building in Rhinebeck, N.Y. The newly refurbished restaurant interior design is the work of mother- son team, Patricia and Sergia Rebraca. They both have created a beautiful and intelligent interior design synergy that works to accentuate the dining experience.   The two dining areas at street level, and a lounge downstairs are simultaneously interesting and eclectic. In the cozy bar area a copious assemblage of antique portraits and sport memorabilia adorn the wall space in a cleverly put together style reminiscent of a speakeasy, and a sports club. This is a dream bar for sports fans and their significant other to chill, lay back and mingle.

Opposite the bar room an elegant fine dining room with striking chandeliers, antique wall mirrors and sleek beautiful red banquettes, and a huge handsome American flag on the wall give the room a distinctive Rebraca signage look. This opulent room is large enough to accomodate seating for about fifty patrons.
 The lounge-Night Club downstairs has a  handsome dark wood bar with a  comfortable black leather sofa, and two chairs opposite it.  And next to the  bar space there's a dining space, with seating for about  forty patrons. The cozy space is  graced with a head of a waterbuffalo atop a stone fireplace anchoring the spacious room, plus luxurious banquettes and candlelight seating  give the space an overall clubby intimacy and a very romantic glow that is also ideal for private party functions. There are two outside dining terraces as well in the front and side of the building for relaxed al fresco dining. The back terrace with a an open boat as a bar, with Marie DiPerri, the  attending bartender, is a fun place with live-music entertainment on weekends.

On a recent evening I stopped in for dinner. The friendly waitress, Lyndsey Posner took my order of food and libation. To awaken my appetite I asked for a bottle of Labourne Roi- Pinot Noir that would also complement my entrees. Here is a supple light red wine with red berry flavor imbued with mouthwatering mineral and herbs that paired well with my dinner.

The real deal here is that Liberty House restaurant serves up some wickedly excellent food at reasonable prices and credit for the cuisine goes to owners  Patricia and Sergio Rebracca. And Chef Roberto Mosconi who unites his interesting culinary ideas with skills he gained in New York City to produce an assortment of dishes that tantalize the palate. In an effort to achieve his high standards Chef Mosconi brings out the best of every ingredient. With his many years of experience he has crafted a very enjoyable American contemporary menu with little pretension, lots of flavor and on point consistency.

My dinner got off  to a rolling start with a bite of the tasty and fresh Bibb Lettuce Salad with Shaved Radish,and Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing.  Plus an order of Buffalo Shrimp and Blue Cheese dip was quite good. And the  Devils on Horseback:-Dates wrapped up in bacon with blue cheese  hit the spot as well..

Burgers are big and juicy. The 9oz. Liberty burger with manchego cheese and Parmesan fries is super good. Another  hearty dish is the Braised Short Ribs with Peach barbecue sauce on white Hominy Grits: The tender meat's subtle flavor allows the sharp zesty flavor of the hominy grits to shine. And don't forget the savory Meatloaf served with mashed potatoes and vegetabls. A favorite with the local clientele. Other dishes sure to make your heart skip a beat include the Crispy Long Island Duck: A luscious properly seasoned duck leg with autumn sprouts, Pistachio and Minted yogurt and celery root. And the Peruvian Spiced Organic Chicken with Yellow Rice and Sweet Plantains is also a winner.

Some entree descriptions seem deceptively simple but on the plate they achieve an enchanting exuberance. Try for instance, my dinner entree: the Baked Hake garnished with a Citrus Gremolata with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Lentils was deliciously spot on.. You'll be won over once you see and taste it.  The ever expanding menu is first rate with Sergia Rebraca at the helm,supervising, experimenting and navigating with new culinary ideas that come triumphantly to port. While Liberty restaurant scores high marks for lunch, I enjoy it even more for big dinner experiences and excellent specials coming from Chef Mosconi's kitchen. 

The wine selection at the restaurant is small and smart. Sergia Rebracca knows his selection coherently and is beautifully expressed in a well of introspectively chosen wines. Some very good reds wines are the Laboure Roi 2010 Pinot Noir from France, and the Flavium Crianza Rioja from Spain. In the whites try Oracle Sauvignon Blanc or the Chalone Chardonnay. there are also some good American local wines like Dr. Franks Riesling, and the Salmon Run.  The beer selection is just as impressive with brews like Harpoon IPA 12oz,the Goose Island Honker 12oz. the Victory Hop Devil12oz, or the Porterhouse Oyster Stout 11oz from Ireland.

Cocktails should not be overlooked. they are expertly made by bartender Dennis Dickey, who is knowledgeable in his field, and cheerful with customer.  Mr. Dickey's libation menu minds its ps and qs with well composed on trend new drinks ,and classic and exotic ones: like the Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Negroni, the Algonquin, the Pisco Sour, and killer Mojitos and Martinis. All ideal to sip at the handsome bar and watch the regulars come in to decompress at this great watering spot.--to see Mr. Dickey work his mixology magic.
Liberty restaurant has some really good home made desserts not to be missed. And befitting a noble dining finale,  my dinner ended on a pleasant and sweet note with a delicious Hudson Valley Pear Tart ala mode and a glass of very smooth cognac.
Liberty Public House looks as handsome as its fine food .And service is professional and friendly. Patricia and Sergia Rebraca have created an adventurous culinary oasis in the heart of Rhinebeck and Dutchess County. Liberty  restaurant provides a very joyous and polished ambiance and a rich  hospitality for all to come in and enjoy a fine dining experience.       Rating: ***** Excellent.

Baron Corso de Palenzuela von Habsburg is an international food and wine expert a chef and
connoisseur who has written extensively on world cuisine. he travels both abroad and in the U.S.A seeking new culinary experiences. He resides in New York and Virginia and can be reached at 845 706-1244.

  • 6417 Montgomery Street
    Rhinebeck, N.Y.12572
  • 845-876-1760


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