Panzur Restaurant


Panzur Restaurant & Wine Bar was inspired by neighborhood Spanish tapas bars.

Panzur Restaurant & Wine Bar
Hours of operation:            
    Restaurant         Bar/Late Night Menu
    Tues-Thurs    5:30 to 9

Fri-Sat            5:30 to 10
        Tues – Thurs  5:30 to 10
    Closed Sunday and Monday         Fri-Sat  5:30 to 12

Panzur Restaurant & Wine Bar was inspired by neighborhood Spanish tapas bars. It’s a place where you can enjoy a small bite and a beer or wine a couple of times a week, or you can sit down with friends eating and drinking for hours. Our menu encourages sharing, our wine list is accessible and the restaurant is an extension of our home.

Panzur Restaurant & Wine Bar - Our food is best described as “Progressive Spanish” with an intense respect for Old World flavors and techniques. Our menus evolve seasonally and focus on small plates, tapas, charcuterie and cheeses.

We believe in supporting the local food economy and work extensively with local farms and purveyors who are dedicated to natural and organic practices while maintaining the highest of standards in regards to the products we use.

Panzur Restaurant & Wine Bar - Our passion for wine culminates in our wine cellar. Wine is a big part of what we do. It‘s a part of our culture and an integral part of dining with us. Our wine list is approachable, comprised mostly of wines you can enjoy every day. We offer over 100 selections, focusing in large part on the regions of Spain. We also represent North and South America, the regions of Champagne and Alsace in France and will continually evolve the wine program into something that represents all major wine growing regions of the world. We search out the best winemakers and vineyards. We promote wine education and enthusiasm by inviting winemakers to come and share their passion directly.

  • 69 Broadway
    Tivoli, NY 12583
  • 845-757-1071

Panzur Restaurant & Wine Bar

  • 69 Broadway
    Tivoli, NY 12583
  • 845-757-1071

Our Name and Heritage

Its all about family. My grandfather passed when I was only 2 years old but I have been told my whole life that we are remarkably similar, like kindred spirits. Like me, he loved to celebrate life with food, wine and a great cigar.My grandfather used to peel grapes for my mother just because he knew she loved them. To this day, she is brought to tears when she tells us that story. She didn‘t grow up wealthy, she didn‘t get a pony for her birthday but she knew how much her dad loved her just because he took the time to peel her grapes. That to me is the essence of why I do what I do.

His name was Jose Luis Manzur. He had a bit of a belly or “panza” in Spanish. His friends combined the two and affectionately nicknamed him ‘Panzur’. I wish I would have had the chance to cook for him, even better cook with him, this is as close as I am going to get for now. Rei

Panzur Restaurant & Wine Bar  Comments

Live In Rhinebeck but always worth the drive!! Great Tapas! Best place around. Try the specialty cocktails!

We just found out about PanZur from some friends who had just eaten there and were raving about it. It is absolutely five stars for a Hudson Valley restaurant.The menu is intriguing and changes regularly and they are working on a high-end creative bar. The service is good willed and, for a place that has only been around for a couple of months, surprisingly good. They have done a nice job with the room and the place has a pleasant ambiance. However, the reason to go to PanZur is the food. It's terrific.

Ever since Ilan from Top Chef fame, I wondered about the Spanish food hype. Now I get it. PanZur is delicious, creative and has its own unique taste. It's by far the best in the Tivoli/Red Hook/Rhinebeck area.

Panzur Restaurant & Wine Bar  Reviews

PanZur: Tapas and Then Some in Tivoli

by Peter Davies

Sometimes serendipity is the best guide. While walking up the main street of Tivoli a few weeks ago, we passed a rather understated place called PanZur. We had never heard of it. On its front patio were a number of diners who seemed quietly satisfied. After consulting one of its menus, we were more than surprised by its offerings and more than eager to take our place on the patio.

And we are certainly glad that we did. It’s rare, maybe only once or twice a year, that we both come away from a restaurant fully satisfied by the quality of the meal. In the case of PanZur it is fair to say we were both exhilarated. The menu was original, the execution of the dishes virtually flawless, and the staff, one of them, co-owner Kim Peraza, the chef’s wife, were personable, attentive, and well educated about what was on offer. We were particularly excited to find a chef who not only appreciates black pig but also knows how to make the most of it.

Rural Intelligence FoodThe menu reflects the Catalan origins of the family of chef/owner, Rei Peraza. Indeed, the name PanZur is a tribute to his grandfather, a chef who had some fame in Barcelona. While much of the menu is Spanish-influenced, the offerings are much more varied…in toto, a very original presentation of dishes not usually seen on menus, Spanish or otherwise. This is not a restaurant of the big, bare, elegant plate with a tiny pyramid of food and lots of artistic squiggles, but one in the Mediterranean mode of celebrating food in all its natural deliciousness and bounty.


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