Otto's Market


Otto’s Market’s mission is to be the best small grocery store in the Hudson Valley.

Food Shopping: In Praise of Otto’s of Germantown

We want to be the local, Main Street grocer of a bygone era that people now long for in these times of high stress and limited free time.

Specifically, the mission includes:

A complete selection of products: a customer should never leave without getting what they came in looking for. We do not have the widest selection in a given category, but there is at least one good option for every customer need.

A store that is full and abundant all of the time: all products must be regularly in stock to be viewed as a reliable source by customers. Many small stores do not carry enough inventory to keep customers satisfied. Our store is stocked from floor to ceiling!

A “local product emporium”: the Hudson Valley has so much to offer in produce, meats and dairy, and locally produced foods. Otto’s Market strives to be the best source for local products.

Serve all residents: the store is designed and stocked for the full-time and part-time residents. Prices and selection are approachable, and the store is a reliable one-stop shop.

Listen to the customers: we want to give the customers what they want! Otto’s Market will have several means of soliciting customer feedback and suggestions, hearing what the community wants from its grocer, and satisfying those needs.

Engage the community: Otto’s Market will operate as an excellent community citizen, participating in the town’s events and initiatives and working with local business and organizations to improve the economic development of the area. The store is a community gathering place, with seating inside the store, and out front in nice weather.

  • 215 Main Street
    Germantown, NY 12526
  • 518.537.7200


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