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The farm market is now open!


Stop by today for strawberries, jam, honey, and more!  

Good Morning Everyone,

It is Strawberry Season!   We are picking a variety called Jewel - and these berries are like  Jewels - they sparkle and are so delicious. 
The Farm Market on Route 9G will finally open next Saturday, June 14th.  Because of the looong winter, we are off to a slower start this year and do not plan to be into Full Swing until the last week of June.  The red raspberry crop is looking great - black raspberries look like this could be an epic crop!  The Sugar Snap Peas and Shelling Peas have just started to flower so we should be picking them soon.  We are planted a LOT of kale, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, and peppers and everything is looking good.  3500 Tomatoes are planted and waiting for the arrival of our  H2A workers (they arrive this Tuesday) to tie them up to stakes so that we will have beautiful tomatoes by mid-August (hopefully). 

We are just finishing up our Honey Bee / Pollination School Tours and so this week we will be giving full attention to getting the Farm Market ready for this season.

Montgomery Place Orchards 2014 Season is Officially ON!!

We look forward to seeing you all. 
OK, I have to end with....
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Doug and Talea
Montgomery Place Orchards
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY



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