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Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company

on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 7:30


Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company to perform at Kaatsbaan

 Kaatsbaan is pleased to present the Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company (CDDC) on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 7:30 pm.  Known as a creator of evocative dances that reflect her concerns about the human condition, Ms. Dorfman is interested in creating “worlds” into which the audience can enter.  Since founding the company, Ms. Dorfman has created more than 60 works for her 10-member ensemble.  The company appears at major theaters, festivals, universities and schools nationally and internationally.  CDDC has been praised for its artistry, bold athleticism, dramatic nuance and musical range. 


The evening’s high-powered program will feature Carolyn Dorfman¹s newest work, Interior Designs, recently named a Top Ten Dance Event of 2013 by The Star-Ledger.  Interior Designs finds the place where technology and art meet to create an unforgettably human experience.  In Interior Designs, a collaboration between Dorfman and other accomplished women artists, the entire theater becomes the stage as Dorfman and her collaborators create an immersive environment that reveals the internal and external worlds of both performer and spectator.

 The evening also features the world premiere of Portrait Perfect, a new commissioned work by award-winning and cutting-edge choreographer Peter Chu. With his explosive movement and sinuous partnering, Chu creates a cinematic work unmasking the outer façade and inner darkness of relationships.

 Also on the program is Doug Elkins' crowd pleasing Narcoleptic Lovers. Using his signature eclectic movement vocabulary, Elkins draws on modern hip-hop, ballet and martial arts with an equally broad range of music -  from Mozart to hip-hop by Urban Species.

Kaatsbaan is a nonprofit, professional creative residence and performance facility situated on a 153-acre historic site in Tivoli, NY.  Founded in 1990, it provides dance companies, choreographers, composers, set designers and all dance artists with a setting where they can create and showcase new work, rehearse, perform and develop new productions.  It serves dance communities across the US and around the world.




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