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Once upon a time I owned and operated an organic cafe' in the East Village in New York City. Now I spend most of my time Upstate in the middle of Hudson Valley farm country where I've been a farmers' market manager for the past several years.

This is a journal about what I find at the farmers' market each week and what I'm inspired to cook with it. My cooking style is wholesome and simple because I believe that when you start with good quality, fresh ingredients you don't have to fuss alot to make a delicious dish. Cheryl Paff

CONTACT Cheryl Paff, Market Manager - 917-692-1274 or info@rhinebeckfarmersmarket.com

The Rhinebeck Farmers' Market proves that the Hudson Valley's bounty doesn't end during the colder months. While many may associate winter with a limited selection of root vegetables, the Rhinebeck winter market offers a colorful variety from farmers who grow and process creatively to offer good food all year round. With fresh greens, winter staples of squash, parsnips, and potatoes, meat, cheese and bread (not to mention beer and wine), the market offers almost everything needed to make hearty, varied winter meals. Frozen produce like corn and berries, along with treats like gelato, recall summer's warmth.

The Rhinebeck Farmers' Market celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and has been named "Best in the Hudson Valley" by Hudson Valley Magazine for five years running. The winter market is in its third season.  Year-round, the market serves as a gathering place for the Rhinebeck community, a place to come together while supporting local farmers. It's a draw for out-of-town visitors, too.

"I think people know that they will find fresh, high quality products when they come to the market and that they will find varieties of produce that they won't find anywhere else," says Cheryl Paff, market manager. "We try very hard to create a unique and diverse selection of products that highlights what's best about our region."

Winter market shoppers will find greenhouse-grown salad greens from Little Seed Gardens, a wide variety of potatoes from Healthway Farms, mushrooms from Wiltbank Farm, and winter greens, root vegetables and frozen produce from Migliorelli (along with apples and cider). To round out the offerings, Our Daily Bread sells bread and pastries. Dancing Ewe, Amazing Real Live Food Co., and Lynnhaven offer indulgent cheeses, and Kesicke Farm, Quattro's Game Farm and Highland Farm supply local meat products (including beef, poulty and even venison). And to top it off, customers can pick up a bottle of wine from Cascade Mountain Winery, a growler of beer from Chatham Brewing, or a pint of gelato from Lazy Crazy Acres. There's even a rotating variety of prepared food from Julia and Isabella - heat-and-eat meals prepared with local ingredients.

For shoppers in need of winter meal inspiration, the Rhinebeck Farmers' Market supplies creative recipe cards at each market. Roast Chicken with Hard Cider Gravy (link) celebrates winter comfort, and highlights the market's participation in New York's hard cider revival. Sweet Corn Chowder with Bacon takes advantage of the abundance of frozen vegetables and recalls the peak of summer (link).  Almost all of the ingredients for both recipes can be found at the winter market. New recipes are available at each market, and past recipes can be found on the market's blog (http://www.rhinebeckfarmersmarket.blogspot.com/).

The Rhinebeck Farmers' Market continues throughout the winter on alternate Sundays. Upcoming market dates are March 10 & 24, April 7 & 21. The market is held inside the Rhinebeck Town Hall (80 East Market St.) from 10 am to 2 pm. The outdoor market begins Mothers Day and runs every Sunday in the municipal parking lot (61 East Market St.). For more information, visit the market's website, www.rhinebeckfarmersmarket.com/.

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