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Fine Birdhousing:

Tim’s Bio:

As a teenager, Tim was in awe how his cousin created furniture from pieces of wood. Tim convinced his dad to purchase tools for him and he began building drawer and box cabinets as well as furniture for friends in the old chicken coop that he made into a shop. In the 1980’s he was fortunate to work with a few talented carpenters where he did renovations on older homes matching existing woodwork, building custom cabinets and furniture.

Tim’s talent and experience led him to become a highly sought after area craftsman that many people relied on to do their customer wood projects. His attention to detail, creativity and ability to understand the needs of his customers has given him many satisfied clients in the Hudson Valley.

In the 1990’s, Tim started collecting and building birdhouses as a hobby. In the fall of 2010, he put his interest and passion to work and he started selling them out of a nine foot birdhouse he built and placed at the end of his driveway on the road. What was once a passionate hobby, now has become a career where he is able to share his custom birdhouses with everyone every day.

Each of Tim’s birdhouses is handcrafted or reclaimed with care. A passion for woodworking and attention to detail shows in his early American furniture, custom cedar pieces, birdhouses, and reclaimed antique pieces. Currently residing in Rhinebeck, New York with his wife Pat and son Trevor, Tim enjoys making unique and individually designed pieces that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Fine Birdhousing By Tim Liefer

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