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Here is our list of upcoming events for the Rhinebeck Historical Society and some other local organizations:

Saturday, June 16th 2-4 pm at Rokeby – 200 years ago, in June of 1812, the very large town of Rhinebeck was divided in half and Red Hook was formed. Join us as we celebrate this historic event at a joint program sponsored by the RHS and The Red Hook Historical Society (EHBS). The event will take place at the historic estate of Rokeby with a lecture by Wint Aldrich from 2 to 4 pm. Refreshments will be served. Please stay tuned for details. Reservations and a small fee will be required.

The Rhinebeck Historical Society


The Rhinebeck Historical Society archives is a treasure trove of exciting history.  It consists of the usual town hall records dating back to 1700's but also books, pictures, maps, charts and hardware.  There are other sites within the Consortium of Rhinebeck History that offer additional materials.



Consortium of Rhinebeck History

Hudson River Valley Heritage

Quitman Resource Center

Palatine Farmstead

Wilderstein Historic Site

Museum of Rhinebeck History

Rhinebeck Aerodrome

FDR Library

Dutchess County Historical Society


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