Kaatsbaan International Dance Center


Kaatsbaan International Dance Center was founded and designed by four professional dancers Gregory Cary, Kevin McKenzie, Bentley Roton, and Martine van Hamel in response to a pressing set of problems that have befallen the state of dance in America in the last twenty years.  These problems include a lack of affordable studio space in which to create and rehearse, no time for the creative process, diminished production quality, fewer opportunities for young dance artists to perfect their craft to a professional level and few opportunities for professionals to expand and diversify their expertise in dance.

Kaatsbaan was designed to provide national and international dance companies, choreographers and all dance artists with an affordable year round facility where they can experiment, create, rehearse, perform, showcase new work, train, and develop new sets, costumes and productions.  It serves as a year round campus where dance artists may interact as a diverse community designed to stimulate the development and growth of dance as an art form.


Kaatsbaan International Dance Center

  • 120 Broadway
    Tivoli, NY 12583
  • 845-757-5106

Kaatsbaan is a permanent international dance center dedicated to the growth, advancement and preservation of professional dance.  


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