Hudson River Sloop Clearwater


Clearwater’s strategy to inspire, educate and activate the people in the Hudson Valley is still a powerful formula for success. Clearwater has wonderfully effective and synergetic program departments based on each of these themes. Over the last 40 years, our concerts, sloop education programs and environmental advocacy programs have inspired, educated and activated millions of people. We are the grassroots leader for the greening of the Hudson Valley, often referred to as the “Clearwater Nation” or “The Flagship of the Environmental Movement”. Clearwater is the 12 year old who starts a recycling program in their school, the leader of the DEC, the business owner incubating green jobs, the musician singing for a cleaner river or the parent who teaches their kids how to live in harmony with nature. At this critical time, we need to mobilize all our resources to grow the next generation of environmental leaders. As Pete says, “The time is now or we will not, I fear, have a future for the human race.”


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