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TSL uses this concept of how theater works, as a blueprint for everything the company approaches. Time & Space Limited Theater Company was founded in NYC in 1973. In 1991, TSL moved to Hudson, New York, where it expanded its role as an avant garde theater company to include becoming a community arts organization, while always keeping theater at its core.

TSL’s programming spotlights the powerful role of the arts in awakening individual imaginations and fostering community participation. Whether offering people their first experience with live theater or opera, providing workshops and special enrichment projects for young people that include theater, art, movie-making, circus performance and gardening, or initiating discussions of local and global political issues, TSL is always looking to set off the spark that benefits and alters individual lives.

At its location in Hudson, TSL is both a beacon for change in Upstate New York and a national model, providing its community with an arts organization that is committed to constructing relationships on a local level.

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