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Our Story
The History of Winter Sun & Summer Moon

Winter Sun, Rhinebeck opened on Memorial Day Weekend 1988.  Started by Anja Rae Miller, Gazelle Lange & Lila Pague.  The store was a partnership that was associated with the wholesale business Winter Sun located in Key West, Fl. which is where the concept began and continues in Floyd , VA.

Anja & Gazelle started selling Ecuadorian sweaters on the streets of Key West, and Anja who has a background in design, decided that she could create better designs and started traveling to Ecuador and Peru designing and manufacturing cotton, hand knit sweaters.  They fell in love with S.A. and the people,  got involved in the community, and eventually Anja built a factory (which was extremely unusual for a gringo woman).  Lila worked with them at different times during this period doing trade shows and managing a store in Bar Harbor, Maine.

We explored the idea of a store in Rhinebeck, and after some time, this location became available. We signed the lease in February 1988, Lila gave birth to Kenna in March, and we opened in May. We did all the work ourselves in the store as far as design, painting, signs, etc.  At one time there were Winter Sun stores in Key West, Bar Harbor, Virginina, Rhinebeck, and Santa Fe. 

In 1999 the space next door became available, and Lila & Steven decided to open an extension and this became Summer Moon. Since we were in partnership with two other people we had to have a separate name. Since then we have bought out the partnership and the stores are under the ownership of Lila & Steven Pague.

Winter Sun & Summer Moon

This is definitely not your usual store, Winter Sun Summer Moon is an eclectic exotic, playful, ethnic, beautiful and full of unique offerings.  We are a lifestyle experience.


  • 10-14 East Market Street
    Rhinebeck, NY 12572
  • 845.876.3555



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